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History of Cannon Boiler Works, Inc.

A tradition of excellence…

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Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. was founded on November 7, 1972 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to conduct business as a specialty manufacturer and service company. In 1976, Cannon expanded it’s capabilities to include an ASME Code program for specialty manufacturing of boilers and pressure vessels – skills that allowed Cannon to remain viable through several severe recessions.


 In 1978, the worldwide energy crisis prompted Cannon to focus on developing energy recovery products. The experience gained in the field construction and service business provided us with the insight to the requirements for a long lasting serviceable equipment design. Our equipment could be retrofitted to existing boilers, or sold to a boiler manufacturer for use on new equipment. As Cannon’s marketing and engineering efforts were increasing, natural gas prices began to rise dramatically, opening a large market for our equipment on packaged firetube boilers.


 In 1980, during the development of Cannon’s small heat recovery unit, they simultaneously developed the manufacturing facility for producing the heart of all energy recovery equipment – finned tubing. The capability to produce their own finned tubing enabled Cannon to become more self reliant in manufacturing it’s heat recovery products with the added tremendous potential of producing custom finned tubing for others. Cannon’s unique and proven manufacturing process for producing brazed finned tubing has established them as a leader of brazed finned tube products in the United States.


 In 1985 Cannon expanded its product base to include the design, manufacture and installation of our forced circulation waste heat boilers. Cannon built two (2) 35,000#/hr waste heat boiler operating at 450 psig with superheat at 580 º F for the municipal sanitary authority in Pittsburgh. Cannon also built ten (10) waste heat boilers for Duke Power at their Mobile Bay Co-Generation Plant in Alabama. Cannon has also designed and built waste heat boilers for other projects such as gas turbines, diesel engines and incinerators. These projects have typically ranged in cost from $100,000 to $2,500,000. Since the company was founded, Cannon has engaged in field construction projects that range from building and installing large pressure vessels & heat exchangers to the installation of complete boiler rooms.


 In 1995, the Cannon LTO Environmental System was introduced. This technology was based upon our newly developed low temperature chemical process combined with our established waste heat recovery technology. Since then, Cannon’s patented system has been installed on numerous applications reducing flue gas emissions to zero. This will enable Cannon to offer custom engineered units that can provide pollutant free emissions from industrial boilers at an actual savings in costs of ownership and operation.


In 1998 Cannon purchased and expanded the facility it currently occupies. We have been an aggressive and progressive force in our marketplace. Cannon continues to look for more market opportunities and develop new products for those markets while continuing its tradition of excellence.


 In 2000, Cannon became the exclusive U.S. supplier of the Spinheat internal circulating fluidized bed boilers and subsequently supplied two (2) 15,000 #/HR boilers for 250 PSIG design burning waste coal for a complete steam supply project. The following year we supplied a complete plant with one (1) 15,000 #/HR unit a 500 PSIG saturated also burning waste coal for a combined heat and power project.


In 2003, Cannon began development of fuel humidifier unit for the molten carbonate fuel cell technology using the basic shell and tube concept. Further, development introduced our extended surface design to preheat a blended combination of superheated natural gas and generated superheated steam for a 45% efficient electrical generation system from natural gas as the fuel. Current designs are 300 KW, 1500 KW and 3000 KW size units.


In 2004, Cannon formed a cooperative agreement with another highly reputable heat exchanger company to provide a combined manufacturing and repair service at our facility.


In 2006, Cannon expanded its interest in the alternative energy field and we approached a combustor manufacturer about burning wood for (CHP) combined heat & power or steam only projects. We combined our efforts with others to design a standard equipment train capable of generating enough high pressure super heated steam to generate 5 MW electricity. Expanding to 5 trains we, in combination with our developing partners, have a contract to provide equipment for a 25 MW power plant.


Recently there has been an increasing interest in condensing economizers, partly due to education of the general public in terms of energy efficiency. Cannon has been manufacturing in-stack condensing economizers for 25 years, and now expanded into stand alone On-Demand automated systems that recover available heat while being completely invisible to the existing boiler system. These systems are custom designed for each application. Please see our Condensing Economizer and On-Demand product pages for more information.

In keeping with our plans to continue to invest in our energy efficiency efforts Cannon will continue to look for new ways and opportunities to improve energy efficiencies in its current and future products.

Mission Statement

At Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. our mission is to develop and maintain the best systems available on the market today. To achieve this, we are backed by the highest quality in-house engineering, manufacturing, and service teams in the area. Our commitment has always been to exceed our customers’ expectations for products and services, and to deliver all products on time. We are also committed to providing economic security and growth opportunities to our employees. We also strive to always doing our part in protecting the environment for the members of our company, customers, and the local and extended communities.

We intend to accomplish our mission consistent with certain basic values:

People The members of our company are individually responsible and accountable for maintaining our technical capabilities, always striving to improve product quality, cost competitiveness, and delivery performance. Moreover, we are committed to internal job training, safe work practices, helping our employees work intelligently together, staying committed to our company mission, and always seeking continued improvement within the ASME Code.

Products Our products and services must be the best of their kind. We realize that our customers judge us by the quality of our products and services.

Quality above all else, comes first. Our customer is the focus of everything we do. Continuous improvement is essential to our continued success, and every member of our company has a contribution to make. Our partners are our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

Our integrity – personal and corporate – must never be compromised.