Engineering & Inspection

  1. CBW-inspectionThe Engineering Department consists of Engineers, Designers and Draftsmen furnished with the latest in AutoCad and HTRI software as well as modern field testing and measuring equipment.
  2. Calculations, specifications and drawings for the products, their manufacture and application are prepared solely by the Cannon Engineering Staff. Outside consultants, however, are utilized as specific needs demands. Cannon has engaged organizations such as The University of Pittsburgh, Team Industrial Services and Product Evaluation Systems to assist with solutions to special problems.
  3. Cannon Engineering personnel are prepared to make on-site surveys for all data relevant to the products they design and manufacture.
  4. The costs of products engineering are a normal overhead item included with the price. Where other engineering service are required, the cost is based on comparable fees charged by consulting engineers on a competitive basis. The cost of engineering may, by mutual agreement between the customer and Cannon, be wholly or partially credited toward the purchase price of relevant product orders placed with Cannon.
Coded Work Areas

Code Stamps: ASME Code Symbols “S”, “H”, “U”, and “R”

Inspection Agency:
Arise, Inc. Brecksville, Ohio

Qualified Procedures: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Iconel, Nickel, and others as required.

Inspection & Testing

Liquid Penetrant: All other NDE by subcontract

Bending: ASME Jig for welder qualifications

Hydrostatic: Water pressure up to 5000 psig

Pneumatic: Air pressure up to 125 psig

Quality Control: Per ASME specifications


Machining: Local machine shop as needed

Heat Treating: Pittsburgh Metal Processing, Pittsburgh, PA

NDE Services: Team Industrial Services

Sandblasting: Osterling Sandblasting, Butler, PA

Shipping Facilities

Truck: Common Carriers

Rail: ConRail

Water: Allegheny River

Air: Greater Pittsburgh International Airport