Feed Water Heaters

b2-1Cannon’s Feedwater Heater line of products is an extremely flexible heat recovery line. This unit was designed in the 1980s to overcome the problems associated with heavy duty welded tube economizers, which are difficult to repair and heavy to install. Feedwater Heaters are most often used on steam boilers, but easily adaptable to many other heat sources. We can also extract heat from any clean exhaust stream and water streams that are unrelated to the heat source, such as combined heat and power systems, or even melting snow and ice.

Feedwater Heater units are designed with many features that carry over into our gas condensing water heaters, On-Demand units, and dual-stage economizers. These features include lightweight design, easily removable bolted doors on three sides of the unit, easily removable tubes with compression fitting attachment to water headers, a variety of materials available for every component, and flue gas transitions with water removal system are included in the price.

Facilities with steam boilers can significantly increase boiler system efficiency with Cannon Boiler Works’ Feed Water Heater product line. As such, you can realize the lowest possible fuel costs and emissions, gaining as much as a 10% annual fuel savings. This not only results in a stronger bottom line, but also helps your facility take smart steps toward sustainability.

Prospect Qualification Criteria:

  • b2-2Natural gas, #2 oil, propane, methane (cleaned land fill gas) burning system, #2 oil, diesel fuel
  • 50 – 3,000 HP boilers
  • Operating water/steam pressure greater than 15 psi, 900psig max
  • Can flow boiler or non-boiler water streams
  • Flue gas pressures in a range of 0.25 inches WC to 6 inches WC
  • Inlet water temperature of 150-300 deg F
  • Flue gas temperatures to 700F

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