Heavy Duty Boiler Economizers

HeavyDutyEconomizer1Facility owners with steam boilers that may burn dirty fuels such as coal, oil or wood can significantly increase boiler system efficiency with Cannon Boiler Works’ HD Economizer product line. These units are designed for large boilers and harsh environments Companies can realize the lowest possible fuel costs and emissions, gaining as much as a 5% annual fuel savings. This not only results in a stronger bottom line, but also helps your facility take smart steps toward sustainability.

The Cannon Boiler Works HD Economizer System optimizes the process efficiency of boilers. By removing heat from the flue stream, you can reduce the amount of fuel needed. At the same time, you reduce your emissions and increase the life of the system. The bottom line is that Cannon’s HD Economizer line will help you increase the service life of your system while having a positive impact on plant profitability.

With our optional solid tube sheet design with gas seals, designed for burning dirty fuels, keep hot gases away from cold return bends thus reducing corrosion potential.

Carbon steel materials

Our heavy duty economizers are custom designed to customer’s specifications, so these units are infinitely variable to fit the available space and performance characteristics of the boiler/burner system.

Heavy Duty Economizers Prospect Qualification Criteria:

  • HeavyDutyEconomizerIllustraSystems burning: Natural gas, #2 oil, propane, methane (cleaned land fill gas), coal, oil, wood
  • 15,000 to 150,000 pounds per hour of steam (400 – 4,500 HP)
  • Operating water/steam pressure greater than 15 psi, 900psig max
  • Can flow boiler or non-boiler water streams
  • Flue gas pressures in a range of 0.25 inches WC to 6 inches WC
  • Inlet water temperature of 200F minimum
  • Flue gas temperatures to 700F

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