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On Demand Boiler Economizer Waste Heat Recovery Systems

OnDemand_Economizer1Many times an economizer or waste heat recovery unit just won’t fit into a customer’s existing equipment, due to space or operating limitations. This is where an On-Demand Boiler Economizer will work best.

The On-Demand boiler economizer removes waste heat from the flue gas, similar to the rest of our heat recovery line, but has some unique differences Our on-demand economizer operates only when your system needs hot water and is capable of offering a return on investment in less than a year, depending upon your current system. The systems runs the fan and pump only when heat is available and hot water is needed.

This waste heat recovery system is Invisible to boiler exhaust, eliminating backpressure or condensation concerns and can easily be inspected and repaired if necessary.

Once the waste heat recovery system is optimized for your operation is automatically provides maximum heat recovery and may boost boiler efficiency to over 90%

  • Sized for water stream (not flue gas) flow
  • Fan and pump run only when heat is available AND hot water is needed
  • Automated so can be optimized
  • Invisible to boiler exhaust, no backpressure or condensation concerns

Waste Heat Recovery –Economizer Prospect Qualification Criteria:

  • OnDemand_smallSystems burning: Natural gas
  • 15,000 to 150,000 pounds per hour of steam (400 – 4,500 HP)
  • Operating water/steam pressure greater than 15 psi, 900psig max
  • Can flow boiler or non-boiler water streams
  • Flue gas pressures in a range of 0.25 inches WC to 6 inches WC
  • Inlet water temperature of 200F minimum
  • Flue gas temperatures to 700F
  • Can flow Boiler or non-boiler water streams
  • Customer’s burner system is not subject to flue gas back pressures
  • Inlet water temperature: 32-150 deg F
  • Glycol-water mix or process water screen can be selected

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