Industrial Condensers

Condensers-OverviewIndustrial condensers can be used for many different fluids, sometimes for difficult process gasses, and sometimes for simple water to air applications. Generally these are used to remove the heat from one fluid stream, so it can be reused in another fluid stream. The units are specialized industrial heat exchangers, and fall into the same categories for many physical and performance aspects. You can review our heat exchanger pages for more information.

The Codes governing design are ASME Section VIII, Div, 1, TEMA, API 660 and 661

These can either be round shell and tube condensers, or rectangular box type condensers, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Materials start with carbon steel, and move up to stainless steel and high nickel alloys. Also clad materials are used to reduce cost and control corrosion

The ability to service and clean units can be evaluated during the initial design, and tailored to customer preference.

We look at many aspects during initial design, including heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, surface area requirements (Air Cooled Condenser), or lack of cooling water (Air-Cooled Condenser)

When a cooling media is not available it is best to use air-cooled condensers, or if water is too expensive to treat.

Industrial air cooled condensers are best in applications where a contamination of the process side with the cooling water could result in a catastrophic condition.

Depending on design, cleaning and maintenance consists of a simple rodding and flushing out the interior of the tubes or power Wash or chemical cleaning of the shell, header, and tube exterior and interiors.

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VC-7 Vent Condenser Brochure