Dual Stage Boiler Economizer


Get the maximum heat recovery from your exhaust gas stream! Most times adding a dual stage economizer to an existing boiler economizer system is not possible because the burner fan cannot overcome any more restriction on the exhaust. Cannon’s dual stage economizer is designed to remove the obstacle.

One water stream flowing through an economizer limits the amount of heat that can be recovered, and the customer is still losing available heat to the atmosphere. Adding a second water stream into the economizer casing is easily done with our flexible design.

Our design can heat two water streams, but limit backpressure on exhaust to simulate one economizer, eliminating problems with the burner fan. There is easy inspection and maintenance and our units also look great because they are built into common casing using all design features of the Feedwater Heater line.

Dual Stage Boiler Economizer Qualification Criteria:

  • Natural gas, propane
  • 50 – 1,500 HP boilers OR equivalent clean heat source
  • Can flow Boiler or non-boiler water streams
  • Flue gas pressures in a range of 0.25 inches WC to 6 inches WC
  • Inlet water temperature: 32-150 deg F
  • Glycol-water mix or process water screen can be selected

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